This service is for owners looking to rectify general behavioural issues with their dogs and reach their obedience goals by working directly with a professional for one-on-one style training lessons. Our training is customized to suit your dogs personality type and your lifestyle and we offer programs that provide long lasting results.

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We beleive that it is essential to understand your dogs behaviour to ensure you’re building a long lasting ethical relationship. We offer seminars & mentor-ship options to dog walkers, pet sitters, groomers and breeders. Let us help you update your personal development and knowledge base by educating you and your employees with the information they need to ensure long lasting success!


We provide customized coaching programs for owners that require coaching for reaching their service, therapy or emotional support animal goals. We have early development programs & puppy picking services to ensure that you are choosing the ideal temperament for your puppy. *We do not offer public access testing

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Your Canine Coach

Jessica Greenwell, CPDT-KA, SDC

Jessica started her career working with and training animals over a decade ago. She began this journey when working as a professional group dog walker and pet sitter servicing the city of Toronto. During this time, Jessica acquired invaluable hands on skills and experience working with many different breeds and personality types as well as safely and ethically managing groups of dogs. Jessica specialized in walking groups on and off leash as well as private training walks for reactive or fearful dogs. In addition to this, she spent many years training and working with dogs in local animal shelters, directly with foster parents.

Her career also focused on managing a successful dog daycare & writing fear free training programs for company staff members. Jessica also spent years mentoring under Ontario’s top certified behaviour consultants and obtained the hands on skills & knowledge required to provide training programs that work.

Jessica currently specializes in early development education through obedience and puppy training. She is extremely passionate about educating her clients and the public on understanding the importance of canine behaviour. Her classes, private training & customized service dog coaching provide exceptional experiences to empower all clients to find their inner super powers in themselves and their canine companions.

Qualifications & Experience-

Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed through the CCPDT

Certified Service Dog Coach through Cooperative Paws

Fear Free Certified

7+ years Private Obedience training experience

10+ years Walk and Train experience

10+ years Board and Train experience

10+ Professional Dog Walking experience

Former Manager and employee program writer for a Fear & Force Free Dog Daycare

Former Course Instructor & Student Mentor Trainer through Canine Foundation Training Academy &  Georgian College

Private Training – Obedience

♥ Manners

♥ Recall

♥ Jumping up

♥ Puppy mouthing

♥ Attention barking

♥ Counter surfing

♥ Leash Walking

♥ Baby proofing

Private Training – Behaviour Modification

♥ Fear behaviours

♥ Mild separation disorders

♥ Mild fear aggression

♥ Leash Reactivity

♥ Mild people aggression

♥ Mild dog aggression

*All behaviour modification clients will begin with a behaviour assessment

Service Dog Training

♥ Puppy Picking

♥ Puppy Assessments

♥ Emotional Support Dog Coaching

♥ Therapy Dog Coaching

♥ Service Dog Coaching

♥ Public Access Preparation

♥ Assistance Task Training

*We do not offer Public Access Testing

Dog Grrrl Canada uses science based training methods and adheres to L.I.M.A. (Least Intrusive Minimally Adverse)

We have experienced the long lasting results and believe in the power of reward based positive reinforcement training techniques.

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Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“You are a miracle worker! We haven’t had a house this quiet since we got the dogs. We’ve been consistently playing the “find it” game in the morning with half their kibble and they love it. Pickles has taken a step back with the barking- I think something just clicked for him. We got pizza delivered yesterday- this is usually something that causes non stop barking until we carry him away. We didn’t even know it had arrived!”

Tom & Cristina

Pickles and Petunia’ Parents

“Dog Grrrl is absolutely amazing. Jessica is beyond knowledgeable and had addressed to every single concern I had with my new puppy Dexter. I will and have been recommending her to my all friends that own dogs. So impressed and I can’t wait to work with her again because the training sessions are so positive and fun!”

Kathleen McNeil

-Dexter and Molly’s Mom

” We loved your understanding of dog behaviours and why they do what they do. We appreciate your ability to explain it & develop training goals to suit our specific needs, so that our sessions were goal focused. Your flexibility and genuine personality sets you apart from others within the trade. Nellie and I adore you. We’d love to train with you again!”


-Nellie’s Mom