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Jessica Greenwell


Jessica started her career working with and training animals over a decade ago. She began this journey when she was hired as a professional dog walker and pet sitter through a large company that services the city of Toronto. During this time, Jessica acquired invaluable hands on skills and experience working with many different breeds and personality types as well as safely and ethically managing groups of dogs. Jessica specialized in walking groups on and off leash as well as private training walks for reactive or fearful dogs. She spent some time in her career managing a successful dog daycare & running obedience and puppy classes. Jessica spent many years mentoring under Ontario’s top certified behaviour consultants and acquired the organizational skills & knowledge needed to create programs that work for you and your dog. In addition to this, she also has spent many years training and working with dogs in local animal shelters and rescue organizations, and their foster families.
Jessica specializes in early development education and puppy training. Due to her extensive background and experience walking dogs, she excels in the creation of customized Loose Leash Walking and Reactivity Training programs.

Jessica is extremely passionate about educating her clients and the public on canine behaviour. Her classes, private training & webinars are exceptional services to empower her clients to find the inner super powers needed to reach their training goals.

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