we have the plan for your


Learn to hunt for the skillset needed to take down any current of future predators and competitors by transforming your dog business to another level. We have customized upgrade options to bring out the wolverine in all type of professional dog business’ to increase their income.

Do you have a client or dog that needs a little extra care? Do you have questions about a dogs behaviour, play styles, greeting behaviours, social skills or dog to dog aggression? Do you give up clients because their dogs have issues you don’t understand or know how to manage safely? Call us! We got you!

We have hands on experience working directly with:

·     Professional Dog Trainers

·       Professional Dog Walkers

·       Professional Pet Sitters

·       Daycare Handlers & Staff

·       Pet Shop Owners and Staff

All programs are customized to your business goals and we offer professional in person and phone guidance to help you bring home the kill! We start this process off by getting to know each other through a free 15-20 minute phone call.