Ages 8 weeks to 1 year

This is an 8-week customized puppy foundation obedience program that will equip new puppy owners with the skills and knowledge required to reach their training goals and empower them to problem solve and make good choices for life. This unique behaviour program will teach functional obedience cues and how to implement them into their daily routine. This will also provide owners with the knowledge on how to build a reliable form of canine based communication & prevent common canine behavioural issues.

 · Manners / Obedience

·  Socialization techniques

·  Impulse control

·  Working through fear

·  Conditioning / Desensitization

·  Healthy separation protocols

·  Behavioural issue preventatives

·  Loose leash walking & heel

·  Off leash manners / recall

·  Healthy socialization protocols

·  Calm greetings to dogs and people



Ages 8-16 weeks

This a 3 week puppy program designed for owners who have or are planning on welcoming a new puppy into their family. This puppy program is geared to take advantage and integrate specific behavioural preventatives that happen during very specific puppy development stages. We will empower our owners by teaching them how to utilize and navigate their way through the critical socialization and fear periods.

·      Utilizing critical socialization periods

·       Integrating bite inhibition

·       Housebreaking guide

·       Working through fear

·       Functional mental enrichment

·       Crate training & healthy separation

·       Basic obedience & manners

·       Resource guarding preventatives

·       Jumping up preventatives

adolescent puppy program


Ages 20 weeks – 2 years

This program is designed to help owners navigate through the gnarly teenaged period in their dogs life. Often this is when many owners give up on training and their dogs can learn to become unruly and unmanageable. We will empower new dog owners with the knowledge and skills required to teach their adolescent canines the value in taking directions and happily responding to us. This program also teaches how to functionally implement and integrate impulse control in your daily routines and how to work through the secondary fear period that happens during this development stage.

·       Canine communication skills

·      Implementing mental enrichment

·       Removing jumping up behaviours

·       Removing mouthing behaviours

·       Learn to work through fear

·       Teach your dog to decompress

·       Calm cues and stationary behaviours

·       How use your obedience skills functionally



We offer puppy assessments and puppy picking services for all future dog parents and reputable dog breeders who want to offer their future customers a resilient adult dog who will thrive with the right fit or family. This means happier dogs and happier customers.

This is a fantastic service for anyone in search of a future service, therapy or ESA dog to ensure the right temperament and predictable calm future behaviours, as genetics and epigenetics will play a part in success for the perfect match for you!

ALL new clients will start their training  journey by booking a free phone call.